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OneX Smart Mirror with built in DVR and Reverse Camera

What’s in front of you matters just as much as what’s behind you.

Introducing the Upgraded OneX Smart Mirror.
It’s a Reverse Camera, Digital Rear-View Mirror, and Digital Video Recorder (DVR) all packed into One stylish design that integrates flawlessly into your current vehicle interior.

Featuring a 9.66″ HD Touch Screen and 170° viewing angle, the OneX Smart Mirror is so much more than just a rear-view mirror.


SKU: ON4988-X

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Digital Video Recorder, Smart Mirrors


  • 9.66″ HD Screen
  • 170º Viewing Angle
  • Integrated Digital Video Recorder
  • Up to 64GB SD Card Reader
  • Built-in microphone and speaker
  • Universal Mount

**** SD Card not included ****

**** Additional bracket required on certain vehicle makes ****

**** Reverse camera included ****


Digital Video Recorder, Smart Mirrors

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